Prevention Starts with Self Exam!

With the exception of skin tumors, breast cancer is the most common type of cancer among women. Despite advancements in treatments, it is undeniable that many women still face a major risk. Hence the importance of scheduled routine mammograms and self-exam!

When realizing the self-exam, be on the lookout for texture change, dimpling, lymph or bloody discharge, redness, rashes, nipple inversion, and lumps on the breast. These are warning signs you should not ignore, contact your physician for an exam! We are on a mission to support life through cancer research efforts, public awareness, and making sure that low-income women have the medical attention they need. Join us!

breast cancer

We personally invite you to take an active role by spreading the word about the need for continuous research and the importance of preventive measures such as the self-exam and scheduled routine mammograms. Join our campaign today!

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